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White puts in context the great changes which were reshaping America and American politics. His analysis is so profound — and his language relates so much to today—that I am going to continually refer to it while outlining and beyond.

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The Making of the President 1972

The radicalism of George McGovern ultimately cost him one of the worst defeats in Presidential history. President Nixon won in a landslide with 61 percent of the vote. White points out that the elite media and the Left did everything they could to undermine and isolate Nixon, but he kept reaching beyond them to the American people. When the election results came in, it was clear that Nixon understood America better than his left-wing opponents.

The big difference between and is that McGovern was an outlier. He was the lone radical in a party that still had deep roots in traditional America.

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McGovern was ultimately repudiated by most Democrats—and in the end the Democratic Congress survived because they could all say, "I am not as radical as George McGovern. What is fascinating about the current campaign is the degree to which all the Democratic presidential candidates who are going to survive are to the left of McGovern. Every moderate Democratic candidate is going to be squeezed out of the race.

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The pictures of all the presidential candidates raising their hands in support of radical positions indicates the danger for the Democrats. Their entire party will have left the American people behind by the time of the convention next summer. The rise of the movement of hard-Left true believers who crowded out the traditional liberals—he characterizes it as the liberal theology replacing the liberal idea;.

The stunning and decisive failures of the Great Society, which were vividly obvious by but still trap us in terrible policies with devastating human consequences. I will write more on each of these key, half-century-old patterns.


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The Making Of The President Book by Theodore H. White - Gramedia Digital

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